How Can We Truly Help The Homeless

I’m with good peeps you need assistance? I’m not homeless, oh where do you live? Well I was kick out of my apartment then I was kick out of a haunted house and then I blew up a guy’s toilet and their BnB. Sounds like a tough couple years, no that was all today. Trouble integrating into society is common among the homeless. Let me show you the wonderful services we provide. A good peeps we provide hot meals, substance abuse counseling and job training. Our mission here is to end homelessness.

Wow none of those things will accomplish that in fact those old-fashioned approach does nothing to end homelessness. What I’ve been volunteering here upwards of months I know what I’m doing work feeding the homeless. Yes and that is very generous but it doesn’t change the fact that they don’t have homes.

Yes its true and we’re doing our best to help I mean substance abuse is a real problem that’s why we require our clients to get sober before we help them housing. Why would someone need to be sober before they can have a place to live because they might smoke the house. Addiction is a disease man can you imagine refusing someone housing any other disease. Research shows programs that require abstinence place such a burden on the homeless that many dropout and return to living on the streets. What about job training we get them skills so they can get a job and important home, even if you’re trained think about how hard it is to get a job. If you don’t have a place to live so under address you wrote don’t have the mail box. The services you’re providing are well-intentioned and kind but they’re doing nothing to solve the real problem these people still don’t have homes. You’re right it’s hopeless deep down I knew it no matter what we do the rate of homeless this never goes down. There is no way to fix this. No actually there is a miraculously simple one and it’s being used to great effect all across the country.

What it is please, just give them homes. You can’t just give people homes. Actually yeah you can, Rudy Selenais the program director and Housing Works L.A. With housing first we prioritize putting people who experience chronic homelessness in their own permanent housing. Once we put a person into an apartment were able to address all the issues and causes why they became homeless in the first place. Studies have shown that when you put a person in their own permanent housing their health improved significantly and you’re able to effect change in their lives. Not to mention once they have a home there are no longer you know homeless. Right here in the word all along. This is the new method being used across the country to address homelessness and it’s been proven to have great results.

In Utah housing first cut the number of chronically homeless by ninety percent in just 10 years but giving all those homes away with the cost a fortune. Nope it actually saved money when people live on the street our taxes have to pay for their emergency services, law enforcement and hospital visits. In Utah the average yearly cost for homeless person was over , 19,000 dollars but the cost for giving someone a home and a counselor was just seventy eight hundred dollars that means Utah actually saved over 11 thousand dollars for every person they gave a home too.

Okay but I feel selfish for saying this but I paid for my home, it doesn’t seem fair that they should: get one for free. No it’s counterintuitive but let me put it this way you can either let a person in need sleep on the street and waste money will give them a home and save money. I know which I choice. That’s amazing I want to help to is there something I can do to be involved. Sure their organizations practicing housing first nationwide you may want to contact your local homeless service provider.